Welcome Everyone,

This is the first post to our Tuesday afternoon ESL conversation group blog! We will be meeting every Tuesday from 1:00-3:00 at the Boston Public Library, Copley branch.

Today’s conversation was about the use and meaning of colors in our lives and across our cultures.We brainstormed all the colors we could think of and then talked about what our favorite colors are and why we like the color.Image result for colors

Colors are all around us, and so we each selected a color and listed all the objects we could think of that go with that color : red tomato ; yellow banana; blue sky; pink lipstick; green grass; purple orchid; black coffee; orange juice, and lots more. Then we watched this film “Colors” which showed us more of these type objects .

We talked about the meanings of certain colors and how they may mean different things in different cultures.  Here is a chart of some colors and their meanings: Related image

Take a look at this video about some more colors – this shows both positive and negative characteristics related to each color.

Lastly, we looked at some common idioms using colors, go back and look through these slides again colorful idioms. Here is the quick review and practice we did on these idioms color idioms practice.

So, colors communicate to us visually and emotionally, in our daily lives. We watched John Legend sing “True Colors” . Let’s “show our true colors because they are beautiful like a rainbow”. 

Thanks for your ideas ,thoughts, and contribution this afternoon!

See you next week.



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