Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we had a lot of stuff to do – “stuff” meaning things.

We watched this video about a guy who had stuff to do, but, avoided doing most of it!

We noted some of things this guy did and then discussed the notion of procrastination. We had lots of ways to describe procrastination, but, agreed that it is simply avoiding doing something. We all procrastinate by checking emails, watching tv, checking facebook, instagram, twitter….

We took a look at this image which is from a video “Procrastination” and identified the activities .Image result for procrastination by johnny kelly

Then we watched the video and listened to the over 30 things that can be done to procrastinate.

Take another look at the video here and see if you do some of these things when you procrastinate.

Well from reading a book to taking a nap to doodling to watering a plant, we all found something we do too! We talked about the end of the video where they talk about “not being able to decide what way to do something;     over complicating things for your self;      being afraid to finish something;       not knowing when to finish something;     not knowing how to finish something”. 

Procrastination can be a good thing because it allows us to de-stress from a situation or project. It also allows us to relax and refresh if we are facing something difficult.

So, then we took a few minutes and came up with some tips we would offer someone to try to beat procrastination. Some of you suggested making lists ; prioritizing ; keep it simple; and working with a partner.

Lastly, we talked about resolutions we usually make on New Year’s and if we really keep them or not, or just procrastinate getting them done!! We agreed that by March or April we’ve usually forgotten all about our New Year’s resolutions! Oh well!Image result for new years resolutions

Happy New Year’s Everyone.  Thanks For A Great 2016.

If you are going to be in Boston for New Year’s Eve check out  Boston’s First Night Celebration Schedule  and have fun!

Image result for boston's first night 2017Image result for boston's first night 2017

Image result for boston's first night 2017


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