Modern Families

Hi Everyone,

Today we discussed families and family relationships.Image result for families

We started off with a short clip from the ABC TV show Desperate Houswives. In this short clip, a husband comes home at the end of the day and immediately we can sense some tension between the husband and his wife. She seems angry with him about another woman, and to get back at him serves him a very hot cup of cocoa. He asks about her day but is really not listening to her. This is a typical scene in any home.

Then we looked at family related vocabulary and discussed the relationships in families, take another look here family related vocabulary worksheet.

Then we discussed modern families, which can be complex, with divorce and alternative arrangements. We discussed what do children and their parents fight about from bad behavior to eating and sleeping habits. We talked about our childhood and our own secret hiding places, closets, forts and tents that were special to us. Image result for penelope in the treehouseThe we watched and discussed this video Penelope In The Treehouse, which is about a blended family with step-parents and step-brothers and sisters. Penelope has a tough time adjusting to her new family and decides to take on her own journey. (This is a picture of Penelope’s treehouse.)

Watch the video here and you can see that Penelope recognizes the love her family has for her, and that with time, they can all love and appreciate one another.

Thanks for all your thoughts and contributions to today’s conversation! See you all next week!


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