Thinking Outside The Box

Hi Everyone,

Today we discussed the phrase “thinking outside the box” which refers to an innovative, independent, and alternative way to process information, create ideas, and solve problems.Related image

We looked at a couple of social scenarios and discussed how we would solve the problem. Most of us approach problem solving analytically and want to get a solution. We also used creativity to reach solutions to problems.

So, thinking is a mental activity we use to make decisions, create plans, form opinions and ideas, and solve problems. We discussed two types of thinking – convergent thinking and divergent thinking. Here’s a graphic of convergent and divergent thinking and right and left brain . Basically,  convergent thinking is inward and divergent thinking is outward.Image result for divergent thinking vs convergent thinking

To use our thinking skills we looked at an image of a simple paper clipImage result for paper clip and brainstormed all the uses we could think of – we came up with some practical uses and some crazy uses.

Then we did the same thing with a cardboard box.

Image result for simple cardboard box

We found lots of uses for these two simple, everyday, common items!

We watched this film “The Adventures of a Cardboard Box” about a boy who uses divergent thinking with a cardboard box. Take another look here:

After watching we all agreed that this boy was very innovative and creative with the cardboard box. The film also shows the box as the boy’s friend. Some felt that the boy could be creative with almost anything – a bag, bottle, etc. and that the film suggests that even though the box is gone at the end of the film, the boy’s creativity and powerful use of divergent thinking will last forever.

Lastly, we took an island adventure and used our thinking skills to select certain pieces of equipment to survive on an island, after our boat gets hit with lightning and sinks. Great job everyone, now give your brains a rest!!

Thanks for all your thoughts, ideas, and contributions to today’s conversation!Image result for thinking outside the box

See you next week!


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