Hi Everyone,

Today was the exciting rolling rally for the Patriots 5th Super Bowl win!!!

We started off today with a discussion of qualities we would like a romantic partner to have using abstract nouns –  bravery, compassion, confidence, enthusiasm, generosity, honesty, hope, humor, independence, intelligence, kindness, loyalty, optimism, patience, strength, sympathy, tolerance, trustworthiness, and more.  This led us to the abstract noun, beauty, which was today’s topic of conversation.

How do we define beauty? What makes a person beautiful? Is beauty an idea? Does money influence our idea of beauty?  We agreed that beauty is personal and subjective and can be found everywhere. We are bombarded with beauty ideals in fashion magazines, in the media, on the internet, all over our social, psychological, physical and cultural lives. Image result for beauty in print media

We talked about our obsession with appearance and how it affects us and our society. We seem to care less about what’s inside a person, and focus on the outside.


We watched this video of “Try” by singer Colbie Caillat , which basically encourages women to not try so hard and just be yourself .

Next we talked about self image and how it relates to our lives. “Image is powerful, but, image is superficial” says fashion model, Cameron Russell. We watched this TED talk by Cameron and she describes her experience as a fashion model and reveals some personal insights into her world.

After watching we discussed Cameron’s thoughts on image as perceived through her beauty and some injustices and concerns she has experienced. She encourages  people to live “real” lives, as she changes her outfit in the first 10 seconds of her talk.

Lastly, we talked about beauty around the world. It seems like their are a lot of similarities and social pressures to look beautiful, but, at what cost? We prejudge each other based on the false impressions  of beauty. We watched this final video about The Atlas of Beauty which is a collection of pictures of women around the world and hopeful shows our individuality and diversity is celebrated.

You can see more photographs on the website here.

Thanks for all you ideas and thoughts on today’s topic!

Image result for beauty quote


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