Amor Vincit Omnia

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Die gantz Welt in ein Klebenblat by Heinrich Bunting (on display at the Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library)

Yesterday we had a tour of the map library with librarian, Michelle LeBlanc. Michelle showed us the current exhibit of maps depicting Shakespeare’s plays. One of the maps, which was on the floor in the entryway, showed Romeo and Juliet in Verona! (how perfect on Valentine’s Day!!) Michelle also explained some very old historic maps of Boston, before there was an airport or Back Bay. Please check out the map library’s website here and you can explore all the great treasures of the map worldRelated image

After our map library tour we got down to the business of Valentine’s Day.  Statistics indicate that the most common place to meet a long term partner is at work. Image result for happy valentine's day

So, we looked at two romantic stories that involved people falling in love at work. These two stories are very different with the first one, Post-It Love, which is about two very shy co-workers who communicate with one another in a very unusual, but, effective way!

Take a look at the video here:

After watching we talked about this “office romance” and our own personal experiences. Next we listened to the romantic story of Ruben and Rachel Salazar, who met each other because of a typo in an email, even though they lived 8,000 miles apart. Here’s the link to their true story A Typo Spells Romance for RP Salazars , so you can listen again.

Rachel and Ruben were married after they spent a little over a week together, but, we agreed that this was a very sweet and romantic story. To wrap everything up, we discussed the phrase  love conquers all (or in Latin, amor vincit omnia). Certainly love conquered shyness in Post-It Love and conquered distance, different cultures, and an on-line romance in Ruben and Rachel’s story.

Thanks for all your thoughts, ideas, and contributions to yesterday’s conversation!

Image result for love conquers all and amor vincit omnia


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