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Before we got into our discussion about today’s film, we did a fast review and practice of using “like” and “alike“. This table below gives a good summary of the meaning and usage:Image result for like and alike

Both like and alike have the same meaning, but we just use them differently in sentences and in speaking. Take a look at the practice we did together in class here.

Today we watched the short film “Alike” which is an animated film about a father, Copi, and his son, Paste.  Here is a screen shot from the film of Copi and Paste:Related image

There is no dialogue in the film which explores the ideas of life’s daily routines and the lack of creativity . Where can we find happiness in the daily routines of life? Before watching we reviewed some key vocabulary using these flashcards.

We tried to speculate on what would happen in the film and as we watched it we focused on the colors as well as the overall messages of the film. Take a look here :

After watching we discussed the idea of color in the film and the relationship between father and son , and their work and school, respectively. What made Copi and Paste alike? What were their lives like? Where did they live? When creativity and happiness is introduced with the violinist, all of a sudden, there is all this color? Why? Should a parent make sure that their child(ren) are happy? What does Copi do so that at the end, both Copi and Paste get their color back again?  In the end Copi knows he needs to teach his son to do the right things, but, he doesn’t want his son to live without happiness and creativity.Image result for alike

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas on today’s conversation.

Try to keep the color in your life!


World Heritage Day

Hi Everyone,

Today, April 18th is World Heritage Day. Image result for world heritage day 2017

World Heritage Day is a day that it’s founder UNESCO has established  to celebrate national park, cities, monuments and other sites deemed to be important to the preservation of human and natural environments. Check out World Heritage UNESCO site here .You can click the list of World Heritage sites and see the list  by country.

We had students from several different countries today and they told us about some of the site s in their home countries that were listed on the World Heritage List and why they have historical and cultural value. Some of you have visited the sites and described how they look, and some of the activities that take place at the sites. Thanks for your insightful information and descriptions.

We talked about the city of Katmandu, Nepal, which is on the World Heritage List, and how many of its buildings were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. The city suffered great human loss as well.Here is a video that shows Katmandu before the earthquake:

This video shows the vibrance, color, and activities of this heavily populated city. This next video shows the work and reconstruction that went on after the earthquake.

After watching this video  we talked about preservation and protection activities of these world artifacts and historical, natural and cultural sites.

Thanks for contributing your thoughts and ideas today! Happy World Heritage Day!

Wishes, Regrets, and Complaints

Hi Everyone,

Today we reviewed when and how to use expressions to talk about wishes, regrets and complaintsusing wish / if only….. + verbImage result for wishes, regrets and complaints

To express a wish – use I wish (that) / if only + past tense

To express a regret – use I wish / if only + (that) + past perfect



To express a complaint – use I wish (that) / if only + would Related image

Here’s a summary of the form and use of wishes, regrets, and complaints.

Take another look at the review we did together in class here.

Next we talked about some of our own regrets, wishes and complaints. We watched this video “Mind The Gap’ in which a woman has a strange habit, but, it reveals a lot about her life.

After watching we discussed why the woman, Margaret Laurence, went to the subway station – to listen to her deceased husband’s recording of the warning for riders on the platform to “mind the gap” between the platform and the train. But, one day the recording was the voice of a woman and not Margaret’s husband,Oswald. Margaret wrote to the train authorities, explained how she missed hearing her husband’s voice and they reinstated his voice for her.

We talked about the wishes, regrets, and complaints that we found in this film.

Great job everyone! Thanks for sharing and contributing to today’s conversation!

Try to practice the I wish phrases to express your own wishes, regrets and complaints!