Wishes, Regrets, and Complaints

Hi Everyone,

Today we reviewed when and how to use expressions to talk about wishes, regrets and complaintsusing wish / if only….. + verbImage result for wishes, regrets and complaints

To express a wish – use I wish (that) / if only + past tense

To express a regret – use I wish / if only + (that) + past perfect



To express a complaint – use I wish (that) / if only + would Related image

Here’s a summary of the form and use of wishes, regrets, and complaints.

Take another look at the review we did together in class here.

Next we talked about some of our own regrets, wishes and complaints. We watched this video “Mind The Gap’ in which a woman has a strange habit, but, it reveals a lot about her life.

After watching we discussed why the woman, Margaret Laurence, went to the subway station – to listen to her deceased husband’s recording of the warning for riders on the platform to “mind the gap” between the platform and the train. But, one day the recording was the voice of a woman and not Margaret’s husband,Oswald. Margaret wrote to the train authorities, explained how she missed hearing her husband’s voice and they reinstated his voice for her.

We talked about the wishes, regrets, and complaints that we found in this film.

Great job everyone! Thanks for sharing and contributing to today’s conversation!

Try to practice the I wish phrases to express your own wishes, regrets and complaints!


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