Hi Everyone,

Before we got into our discussion about today’s film, we did a fast review and practice of using “like” and “alike“. This table below gives a good summary of the meaning and usage:Image result for like and alike

Both like and alike have the same meaning, but we just use them differently in sentences and in speaking. Take a look at the practice we did together in class here.

Today we watched the short film “Alike” which is an animated film about a father, Copi, and his son, Paste.  Here is a screen shot from the film of Copi and Paste:Related image

There is no dialogue in the film which explores the ideas of life’s daily routines and the lack of creativity . Where can we find happiness in the daily routines of life? Before watching we reviewed some key vocabulary using these flashcards.

We tried to speculate on what would happen in the film and as we watched it we focused on the colors as well as the overall messages of the film. Take a look here :

After watching we discussed the idea of color in the film and the relationship between father and son , and their work and school, respectively. What made Copi and Paste alike? What were their lives like? Where did they live? When creativity and happiness is introduced with the violinist, all of a sudden, there is all this color? Why? Should a parent make sure that their child(ren) are happy? What does Copi do so that at the end, both Copi and Paste get their color back again?  In the end Copi knows he needs to teach his son to do the right things, but, he doesn’t want his son to live without happiness and creativity.Image result for alike

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas on today’s conversation.

Try to keep the color in your life!


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