Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we started with a challenge to guess what was going on in two photos that were real news stories.  We split up into two teams. One team got the answer and the other team tried to guess what the story was using only yes and no questions. Here are the photos:

Today’s conversation was about apps or applications that we all use on our phones and tablets. An app is a program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular function. We talked about what apps we have and what we use them for. Then we listed some categories for apps, like communication, entertainment, education, travel, music and more, and what apps are related to the categories.

We talked about apps for looking for romance – Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish.

Image result for tinderImage result for bumble    Image result for plenty of fish

Then we watched this film about a guy using an app to find love. Is this the way to find love????

After watching we described the guy in the film and speculated on if he would find love or not. We discussed whether or not these apps were replacing finding love in person, and whether or not these apps make finding a romantic partner less romantic. We also talked about apps as a community, and can apps tells us about someone’s personality or lifestyle.

Lastly we watched this talk about Litterati , which is an app for cleaning up trash in neighborhoods all over.Related image

The developer, Jeff Kirschner, describes his philosophy about why he designed the app and how it works. Take a look here:

We agreed this was a pretty good idea and clever way to clean up the planet!

So from love to litter, apps are everywhere!

Thanks for participating today and sharing your thoughts, ideas and insights!



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